What is kurÉdorÉ?

  1. Anyway easy! Delicious and convenient! A dressing like a pencil to sharpen on your plates!

  2. Healthy and delightful, become a true star during your home parties

  3. Easy to use, it is also the perfect gift!

Hot pepper and garlic

Ideal with :

● Italian cuisine

● Meat and BBQ
● Fish
● Vegetables, pasta etc...

Preserved Lemon

Ideal with :

● White fish、oily fish

● Chicken
● Citrus
● Vegetables, etc...


Ideal with

● Mediterranean food

● Fish meals
● Cheese
● Pasta etc...


Ideal with

● Asian cuisine
● Vanilla ice cream

● Tofu
● Hot tea (hojicha) or cocktails etc...


3 flavours set, perfect for a gift !

Preserved lemon シトロン コンフィ

Hot pepper and garlic ニンニクとうがらし

Basil バジル

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